Our Family Summer 2008

Our Family Summer 2008
Brandon, Stacy, Samantha Kailey & Trenton

Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend Twenty Ten

Amazing what can happen in a year! Last Memorial Day I would have NEVER dreamed that I would be visiting my son in a cemetary this year. Sometimes it just doesn't even seem possible. Then I go out there and see that name, his name and I realize that nightmare really did happen to our family. I can't honestly say that I was looking forward to this weekend because quite frankly I wasn't. All in all it was a very good weekend though. We had a small yard sale on Saturday morning. It went quite well. On Sunday after lunch Brandon, Kailey, Trenton & I headed out to the cemetary to put out some new flowers for Trevor. Samantha had fever and wasn't feeling well so she decided to stay home. When we got to the cemetary, everything looked beautiful. So many people had decorated their loved ones gravesides, it was just breathtaking. When we pulled up to Trevor's spot, we noticed some additional flowers had been placed there. We walked over and Kailey noticed their were little cards attached to the flowers. They were from Sidney & Avery, two young boys in our community. They are from a great family who we have grown to Love so much. It brought tears to my eyes that they had thought of us and remembered our little Trevor. We have a statue by Trevor's grave marker of Jesus hands holding an infant. Trenton said "look mama thats baby Trevor". Kailey was quick to say "no it's not Trevor is down there under the dirt". So the argument began. Back & forth. We explained again that Trevor is with Jesus and yes his little body was buried there and yes that statue does represent Trevor being in God's hands. So Brandon told Kailey if Trenton wanted to say that the statue was Trevor that was ok. She reluctantly agreed and they began looking at all of the beautiful flowers. We spent the rest of the day at home resting and playing together. We ended the day by watching The Lion King on DVD. K & T had never seen it. T fell asleep about halfway through but the rest of us enjoyed it. We started today with breakfast at Don's. We then headed to the cemetary for the Memorial Day Service. I had never been to one before, it was quite moving. Then we headed to Kailey's t-ball practice. They are so much fun to watch! Then we headed back home where we enjoyed a peaceful day as a family. We did alot of work to prepare for the busy month ahead. I can't believe tomorrow will be the first day of June! All in all it was a great weekend & I love my life in small town Kansas. I truly am a small town girl at heart.

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  1. Love, love your new necklace!! I'm glad you found exactly what you wanted!! Blessings!