Our Family Summer 2008

Our Family Summer 2008
Brandon, Stacy, Samantha Kailey & Trenton

Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Baby Sister

Last year on Mother's Day God laid it on my heart to share a testimony with our new church. We had only been here 9 months and there was still so much our church didn't know about our little family. There was a time between Samantha & Kailey when Brandon & I struggled with infertility. I was even told that I probably would NEVER have another child. Praise God that he is BIGGER than any doctor! Anyway, since I have so many new blog friends I have felt led to share a little more of our story with  you. I appologize for the way this is written. I copied & pasted the original doc. Since I was reading this that morning to our congregation it is not well edited. I wrote it just as I wanted to say it. I pray it will be blessing to someone.

Many of you don’t know but when Samantha was around 3 years old Brandon & I had decided we were ready to have another baby. After about 2 years of waiting many prayers & lots of tears. I decided to go to the doctor to find out what was wrong? Of course I really thought Brandon should go first because it had to be something wrong with him-not me!! Not really-I knew (and many of you are learning about Brandon & doctors) he wouldn’t go-so I went. I went through MANY very uncomfortable tests and we waited and waited. In the meantime Samantha not knowing anything about what her daddy & I were going through had started asking for a Baby Sister. Not just once-but everyday! And then it got to be more often-several times a day. I was really hurting inside because I too wanted a baby more than anything. Finally one night I told her-if you really want a baby sister you need to pray & ask God. So before she went to bed in the sweetest, simple prayer she prayed & asked God for a Baby Sister. I went to bed thinking-yes why didn’t I think of this sooner-problem solved-now she will quit asking me about a baby sister every few minutes! The next morning-she was up bright & early she came running across the house frantically-you see she had gone in the room which she knew would someday be for our baby and looked and there was no baby sister-so she came running in to our room-where is my baby sister she proclaimed? I prayed last night-where did God put her? This was my first real-life example of the child-like faith that the Bible talks about. You see Brandon & I had prayed for months for a baby-did we ever expect one? But Samantha prayed once and her 3 year old faith told her that the baby would be there by morning! Man what a lesson! We then had to explain a little more about the waiting involved for a baby. Well pretty soon Samantha had everyone at church praying for us. It started in her Sunday School class, then her Sunday evening class and then the Preschool choir before we could blink everyone was praying for us. I was waiting for a call from the doctor to let me know the results of my most recent test! In the meantime pickles had become nauseating to me. Anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE pickles-ALWAYS HAVE!!! But when I was pregnant with Sammy I couldn’t stand the sight of them –well, I was feeling that way again. I finally decided to go get one of the 12 pregnancy tests out of the cabinet. You see by now we were buying them in bulk because I had taken so many in hopes of a positive result! I was quite anxious & worried about being disappointed yet again by another negative result but I went ahead & did it that morning. It was the longest 2-3 minutes of my life. It came back positive-so you know me being the woman of faith that I am I took 4 more tests. Then I waited, next morning same thing. You see I didn’t want to tell Brandon until I was 100 percent sure! I didn’t want him to be disappointed. I called the Doctors office as soon as they opened I couldn’t wait to tell them the news. I scheduled my first prenatal visit. That afternoon I received a call from my doctor. In my naiveness, I was thinking how nice of him to call & personally congratulate me. He knew how hard the wait had been for us. But no he was calling to tell me that the last test I had taken at the hospital had shown that I would probably not be able to have any more children. He would, however be happy to give me the name of a specialist so that I could explore other options! I was in shock-I said did you not know-I called your office this morning to schedule my first prenatal visit. I am expecting and I have the 8 positive tests to prove it. He was embarrassed that his nurse had not told him but excited and said we need to get you right in here! 7 Months later Kailey was born! I am so thankful that God is more Mighty & powerful than any doctor or test they can run!!! And now every time-which is quite often that Samantha is frustrated with Kailey-Brandon & I are quick to remind her that SHE IS THE BABY SISTER THAT SHE PRAYED FOR MONTHS FOR! SHE IS THE BABY SISTER THAT GOD WANTED HER TO HAVE!!!!

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