Our Family Summer 2008

Our Family Summer 2008
Brandon, Stacy, Samantha Kailey & Trenton

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Journey to June: One Day at a Time

Well, June came in a blur as I knew it would. I blinked and the month is more than half over. I believe this is all part of God's plan to get me through it. From baby showers, to kids camp, to Texas, to Tulsa, to saying good by to Brandon, to Kansas, to ball games, to daycare and everything in between. I have so many stories to share and I will try to get some of them on here this week. Being a single mom is no easy task and I truly admire those who are out there living it every day. I am thankful I am normally not one of them. For those who have wondered I am making it. One day at time with the help of my sweet Jesus. He carries me through when I cannot go it alone. I thank you all again for your many prayers for me & my family. They are felt & appreciated more than you may ever know. Love you all.

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