Our Family Summer 2008

Our Family Summer 2008
Brandon, Stacy, Samantha Kailey & Trenton

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Financial PEACE University Jr.

I recently purchased a product for our family. I purchased the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University Jr. program. The box came on Monday night and my girls could not wait to open it. So Monday night as we ate dinner together we listened to the CD that came with it. Junior was the host on the cd and went over how to use the program on a child's level. I labeled each girl's envelopes with their names (so we wouldn't have fights over them). The envelopes are pre-labeled Give, Save & Spend just like the adult program. The CD covered how to use each one. The girls are so excited as we are going through everything! Also included was a book that I read to everyone. I finish reading the book, still thinking everyone is as excited as I am. Kailey looks at me with the most serious of looks and says "Mom are you done yet? I am really tired of listening to this" ( I really dread her teen years). Realizing we need to move a little faster. Then we filled out each girl's commission (allowance) chart. The chores they are responsible for. Some they will be paid commission on, some they will not. Then the items they will be fined for ie arguing with a sibling, leaving clothes & toys out etc. At the end of each week we will tally what they will be paid commission for and what they have lost due to fines. The difference will be their earnings. Samantha can make up to $10.00 ($1.00 per year of age) per week. Kailey can make up to $5.00. Thankfully when we she heard how much she could earn, Kailey's enthusiam returned! I am AMAZED at the PEACE this has already brought our household. I know it has only been 2 days. But the arguments that have already been avoided because the girls don't want to be fined. I hear an argument about to start and I can just look toward the chart and SILENCE. I have been praying for months for my kids. They fight non-stop. If their together someone is in a fight. When they are apart the one with me is always asking about the one missing and stating how much they miss the other. The minute they are back together-ANOTHER FIGHT. I wonder did they miss the fighting? Since losing Trevor this has really burdened me. I have felt convicted that God chose them to be siblings and they need to love and encourage each other. I really want my kids to be lifelong friends! Now I know they are just kids and some fighting is Normal. But I can't handle the constant fighting. After having Samantha I struggled with infertility for several years and was even told by my doctor that I would be unable to have any more children. Praise God! He was wrong. Anyway, during that time Samantha was 3 years old and didn't know what was going on. She had started asking & praying for a baby sister. She prayed every night & before every meal for 1+ years. This was truly my first encounter with that childlike faith that God clearly speaks of in His Word. She never gave up hope! Then God blessed us with Kailey. So now many times when the girls are fighting, we are quick to remind Samantha that this is the sister she prayed for. Kailey is the sister that God wanted her to have. She always smiles a guilty half-smile because she knows we are right. Anyway, I am really excited about this program and hope the PEACE in our household continues. The girls learning how to use their money according to God's plan will be a Bonus! My heart desires nothing more than the following verse:

"Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from in it" Proverbs 22:6

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  1. Hope the system works out well. Jeremy and I took the FPU class last fall and LOVED every minute of it (or I did anyway--J listens to him regularly on the radio, so not much was new to him). We started the commission thing then-however I didn't know that we should fine for arguing--my kids won't make a dime!!:-) That is good advice--and if it makes you feel better, I feel your pain with the constant fight thing!! Some days I can FEEL my hair turning gray. This too shall pass--and probably way too quickly. By the way, a book that I just finished revealed that the literal meaning of the Proverbs verse above is to train a child in his own "bent" (or learning curve) and he will not depart from it. Food for thought in my heart!! I am now learning how to decide the "Bent" of each of my kids! Great reading (Parenting from your strengths by John Trent)