Our Family Summer 2008

Our Family Summer 2008
Brandon, Stacy, Samantha Kailey & Trenton

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Catching up a bit.

Sorry I haven't written lately we have been so busy. On January 16th our parents came up & we had a small graveside Memorial Service for Trevor. It was really nice. It was really hard for Kailey she got really upset when she really realized at the cemetary that she was never going to see her baby brother here on earth. Right now the promise of Heaven is just hard for a 5 year old to understand. She is doing better, however she is still asking lots of questions. Her questions are good though-they make us all think.

Last weekend Brandon decided that we really needed to get out of town. We took a quick trip to OKC. We had a lot of fun. We took the kids to Incredible Pizza (one of our favorite Tulsa hang outs). We played games & ate WAY TOO MUCH food!

Brenda (an OB nurse) from Pratt Regional gave me a teddy bear while I was in the hospital. She said that it was so I would have something to cuddle. Honestly at the time I was not too impressed. I just wanted to have my Trevor to cuddle. I have never been really fond of stuffed animals anyway! Well after I got home. I realized that the bear did help. There are times when I just need something to cuddle & cry & he is there. Kailey really liked the bear & thought we should name him Trevor. I thought that was a great idea. She took him to school for show-n-tell that first week. Samantha took him to school & shared a little with her class too. At home there was alot of fighting between the kids over Trevor bear. Everyone wanted to sleep with him. I tell you all of this to say while in the City we took the kids to Penn Square Mall to Build A Bear. The girls both made their own Trevor bear. We showed Trenton every animal in the place. He was not impressed at all! Then finally Brandon showed him the monkey. His face lit up and that was the one he wanted. So he made a Trevor monkey. Kailey & Trenton both chose Texas Longhorn Tees for their animals (we know Trevor would have been a Longhorn fan). Samantha chose a tee that said "It's a Boy". The best part was that their computer let us choose a date for the birth certificate so we were able to use Trevor's b-day. I was really impressed by that! We had a great time & now everyone has their own stuffed Trevor to cuddle.

We headed back to Protection for some much needed rest but it was nice to get away for a while!

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